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A mindset that not just holds up, but holds up well in moments that matter, will be the difference between success and failure

About Daniel 

MAPS MAppPsych BA(hons) BSc(hons)

As one of Australia’s most progressive performance psychologists, Daniel is committed to assisting athletes fulfil their potential through cultivating a performance mindset that stands up to the rigours of elite sport.

Daniel works in performance everyday, and understands the pressures and opportunities that occur in these intense, unique environments. He is well positioned to help athletes perform in moments that matter; bringing their attention, energy, and commitment to actions inline with performance. 

Daniel combines up-to-date neuroscience and psychology with performance strategies used by the most successful athletes and coaches and delivers this in an energetic, creative and easily digestible way. 

Some of Daniel's success with his clients have included: Olympic qualifications, World Championship medals, WTA tour titles, world records, national titles and executive/high performance job attainment.

Daniel received both his honours in psychology and postgraduate Masters in Applied Psychology (sport) from the University of Queensland, Australia. He also holds an honours degree in Sport Science from Exeter in the UK.

Daniel is currently the director of The Performance and Sport Psychology Clinic, consults to elite tennis players, Olympians, pro boxers, professional footballers, AFL players, coaches, executives and medical professionals. He also conducts workshops on leadership, mindfulness,  performance, and engagement to a number of multinational companies such as Kieser Training, Mizuno, and CPM.